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Ll Cool J: Multi-Talented Artist As Well As The Prayer For Whitney

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Before hip hop music Hop got accepted into the mainstream, many Hip Hop artists pretty much stayed underground to practise their art form. No one knew Hip Hop was going to become the titan that it would develop into. When Hip Hop first began, it started out in the streets. It was a movement by people who were disadvantaged, or were ostracized by the community - they were looking for a way to express themselves and their plight. And express themselves they did.

Without giving away all of the goods, I must say that fellow west coast artists will become very active once again this Summer in the newest top rap songs of the week music scene. Big up to all of the new music releases coming from up out of the new west. As fans, we need a breath of fresh air, for sure and most certainly.

Unfortunately, the success of the Hip Hop industry has hit a turning point. In a few short years, sales for Hip Hop new hip hop music begin to decline, and it continued to decline year after year. Some recording labels, once worth millions of dollars, are now near bankruptcy.

Nas from NY state of mind. The producer of this beat is DJ Premier. The name of the album is lllmatic. It was released in the year 1994. This is also a head nodding beat.

I've always said that the pioneers of the game don't get the proper platform that they deserve. That's why I like VH1's Hip-Hop Honors. It's not the best way to pay tribute to the MCs of the past but at least the producers are trying.

Panning- This is all about keeping an instrument to the right, to the left, and also somewhere in between. Truthfully, there are different reasons to pan. Panning gives some space to each track in the stereo field. There are no rules related to panning, so just try it and do the best.

But the last 5 years or so, the "Hip-Hop press" has let the culture down. For example, the two biggest and most successful magazines (I won't name them. You know...) in my opinion have perpetuated, instigated and contributed to pushing on-going beefs between rap crews. And these publications themselves have engaged in on-going beefs between each other!

Cypress Hill - Cypress Hill: This is Cypress Hill's debut. It is filled with funky beats, great rhymes and B Real's excellent high killer flow! They are very underrated talent I wish they would get more exposure but come to think about it they are pretty high all the time they probably don't want it.