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Write this project in a full scarp, read it again and again for necessary corrections. Ensure that all pages have been numbered at the bottom of every page and it must be in the middle. Then type it and arranged them very well as you can see in other project materials.

With our vast data base, students can have access to numerous Term papers, Seminar papers, Journals, Articles, Essays and Contemporary project topics and materials in each department of their various institutions. Complete Abstract, table of content and chapter 1 is given for FREE on this site to students and Researchers. All Project Materials is a web based company in assisting and guiding final year project topics and materials (http://researchcub.info) Year Students and Researchers with well researched and quality project topics, project works, topic ideas, research guides and project materials.

You must have the available resources including textbooks that are related to the approved topic, sample project materials, full scarp paper, journals, magazines, newspapers, etc. Once the project topic is being approved, you can now begin to carry out your academic work. The major concern of the project is chapter one (which is mandatory for the supervisor to access it in less than four weeks), chapter two, chapter three, and chapter four. Others such as acknowledgement, certification, abstract, dedication, references and chapter five that has summary and conclusion may be done later.

In-order to give you the best service available online, we have compiled frequently asked questions (FAQ) from our clients so as to answer them and make your visit much more interesting.
1. DEPOSITOR NAME (you will send to us after you made the payment in the bank) are used to verify and confirm your payment. How can I get the complete project if I order?
After payment, send depositors name, transaction ID (for online payments), bank name, PHONE NUMBER and PROJECT TOPIC to +2347063298784 or Email info@allprojectmaterials.com. Once your payment is confirmed, a download code will be sent to you to download the project materials.
2. One of your topics suites my project, but the case study is different. Online Transfers reflect Account Name of the Sender. However, if you have a different case study, you may need to consult one of our professional writers to help you with that. How Will My Payment be Confirmed?
Whether you make a bank deposit, Online Transfers or ATM transfers, Your details will reflect in our bank statements and alerts from our bankers. How long does it take to get the complete project?
Depending on how fast your payment is acknowledged by us, you will get the complete project withing 15-30 minutes. This will also be used to verify and confirm payments made online. Transaction IDs will be used to verify payments made on our secure payment gateways, while Locations will be used to verify and Confirm ATM transfers.
3. However, on a very good day you can still get it within 5 minutes!
5. What should i do?
Students are always advised to use our materials as guide. Depending on similarity of the organization/industry you may modify if you wish.
4. Remember, Fraudulent sites can NEVER post bank accounts or contact address which contains personal information. Free chapter 1 is always given on the site to prove to you that we have the material. You can also check out what our happy clients have to say via https://researchcub.info/testify.html.
6. If you are unable to view the free chapter 1 should send an email to info@allprojectmaterials.com with the subject head "FREE CHAPTER 1' plus the topic. To make it well known to our customers, we are geniune and duely registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of the republic of Nigeria. Do you accept ATM payments and Online Transfers?
Yes. I have a fresh Topic that is not on your site. These payments carry your account name and number, so it_s easy for us to know it is your payment in-order to send your material(s) to you.
7. How can i trust this site?
We are proudly Nigerians, and we are well aware of fraudulent activities that has been ongoing in the internet. If you have a fresh topic, just click here or visit https://researchcub.info/hire.html to fill the form and one of our writers will contact you shortly.
8. Is it a complete research project materials?
Yes it is a complete research project. You will get a free chapter 1 within an hour. Can I view this website through my mobile phone?
Yes you can. Our system is well viewed on any devices.
10. I downloaded Incomplete Project?
If you downloaded our project materials and found out that it is incomplete. Once we receive it and have worked on it, we will notify you.
11. We ensure that our client receives complete project materials which includes chapters 1-5, full references, questionnaires/secondary data, etc.
9. Click on the download menu or type in http://researchcub.info/download-material.html on the address bar of the web browser. How can I download the project materials using the download code sent to me?
Once you have visited the website via http://researchcub.info. How do I go about it?
We have professional writers in various disciplines. Enter the download code and click on download to download the project materials.
12. Kindly click on Hire a writer or visit https://researchcub.info/hire-for-material.html and fill in the form with requested topic. We accept ATM transfers and online payments. It will direct you to the download page. I can't find the project topic on the list of projects?
If you do not have access to the project topic on the list of projects we have here. Which is editable for researchers and students.
Researchers found it difficult in writing a good research. We will reach out to you.
13. They do not have much information for all the chapters. It pains them also, after they might have spent their time, energy, purchase of research materials and money in writing the research project, they still lose marks. What is the format of your project materials?
All project materials and other materials on this website is written in Microsoft Office Word. Kindly send your project topic (as the subject), download code, and what you feel we should add to make it a complete project to our email address via support@researchcub.info. Thus, their academic work was not approved by their supervisor for defense. It pains the student to write again and again until they finally resolves the issue OR may be the supervisor because of time wastage can just approve it for them to defend their project resulting to lose of marks.


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